Brugler Products & Services

Special Research Reports (SRRs)
SRRs are a popular research and analysis product.  With an SRR subscription, each week you will receive five exclusive studies on various topics that are currently affecting your agricultural markets.  The Brugler Price and Probability Forecasts© and Techno-Fundamental Analysis© are the proprietary grain pricing models that we distribute regularly as SRRs. For iPad users, selecting this service ensures that your SRR tab and other services will remain active after the demo period.

SRR Service Includes:   
  • All Special Research Reports
  • Monthly SRR $34.99
  • Quarterly SRR $99
  • Yearly SRR $390

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AgMarket App for the iPad  (iPad)
We created the AgMarket App for our subscribers who use an iPad.  It is an easy and convenient way to view subscription consulting and analysis content (either SRR or AMP), and access everything else needed to make marketing decisions with confidence.  All Tabs in the AgMarket App are enabled for the first two weeks, however, only current subscribers who have paid this one time service initiation fee will keep full functionality of the tabs.  If you are not a current subscriber, and wish keep full functionality of the AgMarket App beyond the first two weeks, you must also sign up today for our SRR or AMP service and become part of the Brugler client group.
  • $49 one time service initiation fee
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Ag Marketing Professional (AMP)
AMP is our main consulting product, and the primary method of communicating with our client base about corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, hogs, cotton and the outside markets. With an AMP subscription, you will receive two updates each day, and the AMP Tab on your iPad will remain enabled.  The morning AMP update contains Alan’s technical analysis and marketing recommendations, which are only provided to our paying subscribers.  The Evening Edition of the AMP tells you what happened during the day, confirms if you should have been able to complete the morning recommendations, and contains additional supplemental information that doesn't appear in our other content.  All AMP subscribers also receive a complimentary subscription to Special Research Reports (SRRs), and market quotes sent to your cell phone as a text message.

AMP Includes:

  • The morning and evening email newsletter
  • All Special Research Reports (SRRs)
  • Market Quotes sent daily as a Text Message (Market Monitor)
  • Monthly AMP $94.99
  • Quarterly AMP $279
  • Yearly AMP $1000

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Ag Marketing Professional with Call in Privilege (AMP+)
AMP+ Includes everything in the AMP subscription, PLUS the privilege of being able to call Alan directly for customized advice on your unique situation.

  • Monthly AMP with Call in Privilege $154.99
  • Quarterly AMP with Call in Privilege $450
  • Yearly AMP with Call in Privilege $1700

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Marketing Messenger 2 (MM2)
Daily voice calls and/or text messages sent to your cell phone highlighting new marketing recommendations from the morning edition of the AMP email.  Key information from USDA reports is also distributed immediately as an MM2 alert. 
  • Recommendations from the AMP that day sent as a text msg
  • $30 Monthly
  • $90 Quarterly
  • $360 Yearly

*MM2 requires AMP

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National Ag Market Strategy Group (NAMSG)
Get a detailed seminar presentation on the grain and livestock markets without ever leaving home. Members of the NAMSG receive an "all access" code for the monthly Ag Marketing Strategy Group webinars presented by Brugler Marketing. Find out about all the news and analysis that doesn't make the daily headlines and reinforce your marketing plans with Alan Brugler's in depth presentations. Available to watch live and as recorded sessions to play at YOUR convenience.  NAMSG members also receive a $50/quarter or $200/year credit toward an SRR or AMP subscription.
  • $150 Quarterly
  • $450 Yearly

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