Ag Marketing Strategy Groups

Some groups of producers are interested in expanding their market knowledge and technical trading techniques over a longer period of time. They want to avoid the "one shot" syndrome and truly integrate new techniques and knowledge into their marketing practices. Or, Dad and Mom have been doing all the marketing and need to bring a younger family member "up to speed" on sophisticated marketing analysis and strategies.

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Introducing Ag Marketing Strategy Groups


We are expanding a concept we call Ag Marketing Strategy Groups, or AMSG for short. An AMSG is a group of at least 15 producers, lenders and others with a commodity marketing interest who meet monthly (or at least 10 months out of the year) to discuss the situation, outlook and strategies for managing agricultural commodities prices. In this respect, the groups are similar to marketing clubs being promoted by various Extension services.

However, AMSG varies in two significant ways.

  1. AMSG members pay dues of an average of $500 per year to belong to a group, which is coordinated by Brugler Marketing & Management LLC;
  2. In exchange for that fee, Alan Brugler appears personally at each monthly meeting. Alan delivers a fresh, targeted market outlook and strategy discussion and a monthly educational segment to the members. AMSG members develop their marketing skills quickly and integrate them into their behavior pattern by working on a regular basis, in person,  with a top notch marketing instructor.

Starting a AMSG in your area

Interested in organizing an AMSG group in your area? Here are some other information items you might wish to have:

Due to demands on Alan's time, we can only accept "in person" groups within a reasonable travel radius of Omaha, Nebraska. However, we now offer a National Ag Marketing Strategy Group (NAMSG) whose members meet monthly on the Internet on our GotoWebibnar site. Both live webinars and recordings of the monthly meetings are available (for later playback and review).  Annual NAMSG dues are $450 per year.

Subscriptions to Ag Market Professional or Special Research Reports are not required of AMSG members. However, substantial discounts ($200/year) are offered on those services to AMSG members.

AMSG group members are locally recruited by a key producer (s) or agribusiness. Local leadership is essential to getting the group off of the ground in a local community.

For more details, or a referral from another AMSG group, call Brugler Marketing & Management at 402-697-3623.